Service portfolio transformation has become strategically vital to the global wholesale business outlook

Market Research Times / Lewes / Delaware / US

Global wholesale carriers are under pressure to accelerate the rollout of new services, reduce exposure to voice and migrate to new agile business models. Alongside traditional international wholesale players, global Internet players (including cloud and content providers) are also experiencing rising international bandwidth requirements for their services.

A new report explore three key strategies international wholesale providers and global Internet players are deploying to meet the rapidly evolving marketplace - M&As, open ecosystem initiatives and global Internet players turning into their own wholesale providers.

Wholesale ecosystem players are racing to cut exposure to wholesale voice, expand services portfolio and serve new forms of demand. These market requirements are prompting wholesale ecosystem players to evolve, harnessing a set of strategies ranging from M&As to open ecosystem initiatives and Internet companies investing in their own international capacity.

The report covers companies like Altice, Amazon, CenturyLink, Console Connect, DT ICSS, Facebook, Google and 15+ top players

Report Structure:

  • Section 1: Market Context; an overview of the main transformative trends shaping the international wholesale market and prompting the transformation of the wholesale players' ecosystem.
  • Section 2: The Evolving Global Wholesale Player Ecosystem; an analysis of three key strategies wholesale ecosystem players are harnessing to meet the marketplace's evolving requirements - M&As, open ecosystems and global Internet players turning into their own wholesale providers.
  • Section 3: Case Studies; provides four international wholesale providers M&A case studies and one case study of a major Internet player having invested substantially in its own undersea cable capacity. This section analyses the key drivers and rationale behind these moves and how these can help wholesale players meet the requirements of the wholesaler of the future.
  • Section 4: Findings and recommendations; we conclude the report with a set of key findings and recommendations for international wholesale ecosystem players to help them evolve and meet the requirements of the digital transformation era.


  • M&As can help global wholesalers expand the depth of their product portfolio, the reach of their networks and most critically their addressable markets.
  • Open platforms can be used as a strategy to lower the barrier to entry and time-to-market of developing a new digital service or capability.
  • Given their scale, global Internet players can increasingly consider the opportunity of fully/partially investing in their own undersea cables and cloud connectivity capabilities to better control the QoS and margins of the services they render to end users.

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