Losing Military Supremacy: The Myopia of American Strategic Planning New Book Launched

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Russia has just announced that it intends to add 26 new ships to its Navy—only the latest in a string of military announcements that first began with Putin’s landmark March 1, 2018 speech in which he talked about “a new generation of missiles,” Russia’s new weapons systems and his country’s military preparedness

Diverse First-in-Class Pipeline Shows Promise for Treatment of Negative & Cognitive Symptoms

Market Research Times / Lewes / Delaware / US

Schizophrenia is a chronic mental disorder that affects 1% of the population - equivalent to 51 million people worldwide - and is ranked among the top 10 causes of disability in developed countries. It is a debilitating condition that affects those afflicted, their families and society as a whole.

Differing Travel Habits between US & European Citizens could Affect Travel Vaccine Need

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'Travel Vaccines: A US and European Perspective' report covers the management of travel vaccinations in the US and Europe, focusing on travel habits of residents to high-risk areas, current and future travel vaccines, and research and development strategies.